Town of Somerville
                   " A place to come home to"

Upcoming Events:

  • March 12 Town Council Meeting 6 PM
  • March  8  Somerville Municipal Court  5 PM
  • March 12 Somerville Celebration Meeting 6:30PM
  • Somerville Celebration Festival Saturday, May 5th

​  Somerville Newsletter Submission Dates 2018

   Jan 19th                          July 20th

   Fed 16th                          August 24th

   March 23rd                    September 21st

   April 20th                        October 19th

   May 25th                         November 16th

   June 22nd                       December 21st

   Prices are as follows:

   1/8 page $45, 1/4 page $75, 1/2 page $130

   Full page $220

   Call town hall for more information-- 

   (256) 778-8282 

Welcome to the

Town of Somerville

located in beautiful 

Somerville, Alabama

"Home of the Historic Somerville Courthouse"