Somerville Cemetery
"Garden of sunshine and perfect peace"

The Historic Somerville Cemetery, circa: 1820, is a beautiful and peaceful resting place going back to 1820 and perhaps even earlier.  There are many tombstones that are so old and worn, they cannot be read.
The cemetery operates strictly on funds received from donations from those that care about the future of the cemetery and from relatives of those that are interred there.   The cemetery needs your help.  Several trees have been struck by lightning or have rotted to the degree that they pose a threat of falling on grave markers and graves, causing a great deal of damage.  It will cost around $3000.00 to have the trees removed.  If you would like to donate to the Somerville Cemetery Fund please send it to:
                                                  Somerville Cemetery Fund
                                                              c/o People's Bank
                                                            5276  HWY 67 South
                                                          Somerville, AL 35670


For burial information contact Hillard Long @ (256) 260-5198

Decoration is held the 3rd Sunday in May