Somerville Library
The Somerville Public Library is located on Broad Street, across from the Masonic Lodge.  There is a wide selection of books to choose from and free computer access for study or job searches.  In the summer, the Library will host a free summer reading program for the kids.  The library also hosts computer classes for seniors.  

Library Staff:                                                    
Emily Wallace , Director                                          

Tina Boyles                                     

Library Hours:

Monday-- 12:00 noon-6:00 PM
Tuesday--12:00 noon-6:00 PM
Wednesday-12:00 noon-6:00 PM
Thursday--11:00 AM-6:00 PM
Friday--11:00 noon-5:00 PM
Closed on Sunday

Contact Information:

PO BOX 178

192 Broad Street

Somerville, AL 35670

(256) 778-9779