Town of Somerville
                   " A place to come home to"

From the Mayor....

  Darren Tucker
   I would personally like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and welcome them to the year 2018! I hope you were able to accomplish everything you set your mind to do in 2017, but if not you have been given a clean slate, and can  continue in the year ahead of us. I was not able to give a report in November or December, but I trust that everyone enjoyed a great Thanksgiving as well as Christmas with the ones they love. I am very grateful for the tremendous blessings that were extended to me in 2017 and I look forward to see what the new year has in store.
    I would like to invite everyone to view the new fence that has been erected around our historical Somerville Cemetery. We were able to clear much of the debris that surrounded the cemetery with the help of Donnie Williams as well as Noel and Joel Bailey. The fence now surrounds the property that has been designated for the cemetery, and we are very pleased with the results. There is still much work we would like to see accomplished before decoration Sunday this Spring. I would like to remind everyone that the Somerville Cemetery is not the property of the Town of Somerville, but we do our best to help with the upkeep. The cemetery is vital to the history of Somerville as well as  Morgan County, so it is very important that we all share in the responsibility of preserving it.  If you would like to make a donation to the Somerville Cemetery Fund do so by contacting Town Hall at 256-778-8282.
     This is the fourteenth year of recognizing individuals who have sacrificially given to the Town of Somerville in different ways.  This year I was given another opportunity to select between two of many  individuals that have impacted our community in a positive manner. The selfless acts of both persons nominated gave me the honor to recognize both as the recipients of The Community Service Award of 2017. Both have served in different capacities, but no doubt they have both left their individual footprint upon our town and surrounding community.
     First, I would like to recognize Pastor Mitchell Cowley of Ward Chapel CME in Somerville. For years Pastor Cowley and his wife have devoted themselves to see that Somerville is ‘a place to come home to’.  Whether it is helping with back to school supplies, inviting people to their home, sponsoring the annual Unity Prayer at the Old Courthouse, or his congregation giving a considerable gift to the Cemetery Fund, Pastor and Mrs. Cowley are truly the example of servitude. Someone once said, “the true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” Pastor Cowley lives what he preaches and I am honored to call him my friend! Please express your gratitude to Pastor and Mrs. Cowley as well as the entire congregation of Ward Chapel for what they do for our community.
     Megan Maples is the owner and operator of Rock Paper Scissors Salon in Somerville. For the past two years Megan has sponsored the Miss Somerville Beauty Pageant that has raised more than two thousand dollars for the restoration and preservation of The Old Courthouse. Megan saw there was a need and initiated upon herself to raise awareness to that need. With her help we have been able to see that many needs as well as improvements have been made to the oldest operating courthouse in Alabama. I would like to say that when she promotes these events, it is not only local participants that enter these contests. People come from many different places to visit Somerville and this alone heightens the awareness of our cause and we are extremely grateful for the time that is sacrificed by Megan on behalf of the Town of Somerville. I was pleased to present Mrs. Maples with the Community Service Award of 2017 at her business recently, please allow her to know how much we appreciate her efforts.

Mayor Darren Tucker