Town of Somerville
                   " A place to come home to"

From the Mayor....

  Darren Tucker

At the risk of repeating myself I feel it necessary to remind everyone to show a little more caution as they commute back and forth to work as school is once again in session. You may want to give yourself a few extra minutes to allow for traffic as well as school buses. A special thanks to all our educators who have and are investing in our children and their futures. Two of our very own council members devote the majority of their lives to teaching children, not just academically but lessons that will last a lifetime. So with this being said I would like to publicaly thank Councilwomen Jackie Teague and Sheena Dugger for their roles in shaping the young lives of our future leaders.

   Our police officers will be getting new SUV patrol cars this month, and we are very excited for them as well as the town in how this will be a positive representation for us. We had initially ordered sedan cruisers for cost efficiency, but due to a clerical mistake from the dealership we received SUVs . After negotiating with the dealership we were able to get the SUVs for the same cost as the sedans and this worked out to the town’s advantage very significantly. We are thankful for our officers and what they do to keep our community safe, and these vehicles are just one way the town can say thank you. I have mentioned the patrol cars in the last few newsletters so JUST REMEMBER the mayor is trying to give everyone a heads up that there will be new blue SUVs patrolling in the near future! This could be very economical information for you and your family!

    I have sent a few emails out regarding the need of a grocery store for our community, and will be compiling some information to place into companies hands that may show interest in locating to Somerville. There are approximately 20,000 vehicles that come through the intersection of Highway 67 and 36 on a daily basis. With the growth that is expected to come to North Alabama in the near future I expect this number to escalate. If you would support a local grocery store in our community I would love to hear from you as well as get an idea of how many people would welcome the this. Just send a short email to to my attention. We are grateful to all our businesses in the community and ask that you continue to patronize them.

   Our summer concerts were once again a success and we would like to recognize Jerry and Betty Grantland for all they do for our town and the support they have shown throughout the years. I never take for granted their selfless attitudes nor hard work that they pour into our community. The fundraising for the Old Courthouse is a shared passion of theirs. We are still very hopeful and optimistic that we will receive a grant from the Alabama Historical Commission this fall for funding that will help in the preservation and restoration for the Old Courthouse. As we move closer to the winter months we should be able to devote more time to indoor and outdoor repairs. If you would like to help support the Old Courthouse you may do so by contacting town hall.

Darren Tucker, Mayor