Town of Somerville
                   " A place to come home to"

From the Mayor....

  Darren Tucker
    I recognize that it has been a while since my last mayor’s report but we have had limited amounts of space in the past few months due to advertisements in our newsletter. This is a great problem to have and we appreciate all the businesses, churches, civic organizations and candidates in our recent election, who have used our service to share their messages. With this being said the Town of Somerville would like to express our congratulations to all those who have won or are still in the campaign for the positions they are vying for.

  We recently voted to purchase three new patrol cars for our police department and they should be rolling into town within the next few weeks. Our current vehicles have many years as well as miles on them and due to safety issues and maintenance factors we felt it would be beneficial to take advantage of a program that was offered to Somerville. We appreciate all our officers do on our behalf and they have represented our community very well, I cannot tell them enough how grateful we are for their service.

  Many people have inquired about the long awaited farmer’s market I have been speaking of, and although it is still in the works we have hit a few bumps in the road recently. We had two contractors that bid on the project and unfortunately they came in well over our expectation of the initial cost when we set out to construct the market. It is our intent to still construct and provide a market place but we may be forced to look at other avenues that would fit within our budget.  I have been excited to see a place where fresh vegetables and fruit could be purchased from our local farmers, and it is still a priority to see that this service is offered. I ask that you be patient with us as we work out the details.

  We are still looking at ways to repair the floors in the Old Courthouse and hopefully we will be receiving another grant this year to see this take place. I believe with our devoted attention to this historical building we can see people from around the state enjoy what I sometimes take for granted. We are continuously looking for ways to help our cause and if you have any input please contact town hall or me personally with ideas you may have.

   I would like everyone to visit the Somerville Library and see what services they have to provide our community. Michelle, Karen and those who volunteer devote much of their time to the library, and they would love to see you come by and see the summer programs they are offering. We are very fortunate to have the employees that we have in Somerville, whether our clerks at town hall, our maintenance director or our policemen! Each one plays a vital role in seeing their tasks carried out in a way that keeps Somerville “a place to come home to.” Be sure to tell them how much they are appreciated the next time you see them.    
Mayor Darren Tucker