From the Mayor....

  Darren Tucker

  I would like to take a moment and let everyone know how fortunate I feel that you allow me to serve as your mayor. I think I can speak for our entire town council when I say, it is never taken lightly that you entrust us to make decisions that affect our community. I was reminded of this at this year’s Celebration, when so many put so much effort into seeing that everything goes according to plan. This year we set a record of 53 vendors and everyone seemed to have a good time with family and friends! Our town council, police department, library staff, maintenance director, as well as town clerks do an outstanding job not only in their duties but also how they represent our town.
  I mentioned a few months ago the importance of the 2020 Census that will begin in March of next year. The data that is collected from the census workers is critical to our town in how many federal dollars we are given in the years to come. Due to the national census figures being collected every ten years it is vital that our numbers are accurate. With this being said, I once again would like to ask anyone who may have questions about annexing into the town of Somerville, to feel free to call town hall with any questions or have them to give you my contact information so we can speak directly. Some of the most frequently asked questions are, “will my property taxes increase if I annex into the town limits?” The answer is no it will not. Somerville does not have a municipal property tax so your property tax will not increase if you annex into the town limits. Another question we are asked is, “will I be able to continue to hunt my land if I annex in?” The answer to this question is yes. We recognize that Somerville is a rural area, and we only ask that you follow the ordinance we have in place that requires you to not fire a weapon near a road or public area. Some of the things we offer anyone who annexes is street lights for the front of their home or business as well as mosquito control.  I have a meeting scheduled with our census representative soon and will find out more information to pass along to anyone who is interested.
Darren Tucker, Mayor of Somerville